Our range of wines

Rod Hooper and his partner Em have a passion for producing handcrafted organic wines.  Their philosophy is simple and starts in the vineyard – with a focus on growing high quality grapes in an organic environment, producing outstanding wines that truly reflect the variety and region.

The Macaw Creek Wines range includes the following:

  • Em’s Table – premium organic range from the Clare Valley region.
  • Macaw Creek (Orange cap) – organic and non-organic range from the Mount Lofty Ranges region.
  • Macaw Creek Organic/Preservative Free Shiraz – major retail brand (available through Dan Murphy’s Australia wide)
  • Macaw Creek Reserve – flagship wines from our estate, made in limited quantities from the best wines of the vintage, 100% basket pressed.
  • Macaw Creek Super Premium – iconic single vineyard reserve range only made in exceptional vintages where varietal definition is excellent, 100% basket pressed, only available for exclusive export markets and cellar door.
  • Macaw Creek Museum Range – rare releases from our cellar maturation stocks exclusive to cellar door

Click on the bottles below for individual tasting notes.

Single Vineyard Reserve Block 8 ShirazSingle Vineyard Reserve Block 6 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Malbec Reserve Organic Shiraz Tempranillo Rose Museum Release Macaw Creek Riesling Museum Release Reserve Shiraz Cabernet Museum Release Em’s Table Organic Riesling

Em's Table Shiraz Macaw Creek Organic Riesling Macaw Creek Organic Preservative Free Shiraz Macaw Creek Shiraz Macaw Creek Cabernet Shiraz Macaw Creek Organic Preservative Free Shiraz Macaw Creek Reserve Shiraz Cabernet